Physical issues of women

“Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.” - Michelle Obama

Physical issues of women

Women’s issues are most ignored of all, as they are considered holding scant or no importance for society. They undergo several emotional and physiological changes through the course of their life. Physical issues of women are normalised which then increases prenatal, and postnatal deaths. Women are exposed to more bodily changes than a men and with this comes several physical concerns for them. After reaching puberty, they start menstruating and are often subjected to PCOS and PCOD. Not just this, women are at high risk of sexually transmitted diseases than men owing to female anatomy’s more exposure to bacterias during intercourse.

Women are the caregivers to families across the globe and yet they are unable to access health care efficiently. Life expectancy is still low in the female lot of society given their vulnerability and ignored stand in society. Not just physical issues, females are more subjective to emotional disorders which furthers physiological alterations in the female body. Society fails to make adequate opportunities for girls to grow emotionally and physically given the stereotypical setup they are put through in their adolescence, the ages which contribute to their psychological and physiological development. On account of this, they are exposed to unnecessary burdens as their physiology is questioned and is often put to sham. This futhers the lack of progress in their transition to adulting, making them at risk of adapting to behaviours that might put their health at risk.

We at Prasar, attempt to educate about these physiological issues of women and what we can as a society do to alter the prevailing issues.

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