Mental Health

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” – Glenn Close

Mental Health

Mental health refers to a sane and healthy mind. We, at Prasar, advocate to create awareness about the need to comprehend the urgency of addressing the concerns scoring mental health. "You need to talk, I am always there" we say. We belong to a generation that will use terms like "pagal, mental" for anyone so casually without even realising magnitude of impact it will have on the other person and will hype on social media of our generosity. We will lock up their words in judgement and will 0provide the most unapologetic response to them. Seriously, are we there ? Do not say, until you mean it.

Problem is not with people who do not communicate and sulk, problem lies in us as we can't let go of anyone without judging. They don't expect you to shout out loud on social media, they need you to listen, to absorb their miseries in your heart, and if they have chosen you, you are lucky. Be gentle on disturbed people and remember they aren't deranged, if someone needs you today, you will need them tomorrow. That's circle of life. Value emotions and people.

Do not to take care of yourself. You mean a lot to someone in this world and that someone is YOU, who have worked so hard, despite failures, to reach where you are today. You have been the person carrying the load gracefully of all that society throws at you. You are the same person who have learnt to smile through hard times. It's high time, you realise, more than you need anyone, it's you, who need yourself. Smile to your struggles and success, berate your failures and embrace your courage. No one is born weak, you are indeed a fighter, just contemplate.

Prasar attempts to create a healthy space for individuals to be able to voice their minds.

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